If You Want Something Done

Y’all. This is huge.

As one or both of you may know, I have participated in the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo, check it out) for the past four years. I have finished five novels. I have zero novels published. I also have a bunch of short stories, personal essays, sketches, listicles, and other things, enough to publish a self-indulgent sort of collection of unpublished works. 

Fast forward to last week and I’m reading this book on overcoming procrastination (It’s called¬†Eat That Frog, check it out) and Brian Tracy talks about setting a goal that can be accomplished over the course of a year and how you forego practically everything else in favor of that goal.

I’d love to sing at your retirement party, but I have a year-long goal, yo.

That sort of thing.

Well, you two, I have a goal.

Between now and September 1, 2019, I will edit and publish my seven (7) books. I have a good friend who’s helping me with the editing. I’ll make the changes, design a cover, self-publish them.1

Through the course of this journey/goal, I will no doubt rely on the assistance of maybe both of you. I hope you’re up for the challenge. I may add your names to the “Acknowledgements” section of one of the books. There will be room. And there will be seven (7) books.

Stay tuned!