Reality Bites

This just in: I’m no longer interested in “reality.”

(Murmurs of intrigue from the crowd, etcetera.)

Yeah. I’ve been in a couple of show situations lately where I’ve been told to play it “real” and make “real” choices and I’m just not down with that any more. I get too much real everywhere else, I can’t bring myself to doing that onstage any more.

Besides, I think we can be even more real by eschewing reality and traveling into the less logical lands. You know, skew things, twist them up, bend them and reshape them and make them virtually unidentifiable so we know exactly what we’re looking at.

Look. We are living in shit times. A giant, orange baboon has pulled back the curtain and we’re getting to see how things really work. At the same time, no one’s willing to lift their heads from their phones (which are somehow “smart”) long enough to see how this affects everything. And so life is one big reality television show and we’re all paying the price.

So forgive me if I don’t hold a mirror up to the world any more. I’d much rather hold up a kaleidoscope.

Or a fish.

Also, buy my book, please.