If You Want Something Done

Y’all. This is huge.

As one or both of you may know, I have participated in the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo, check it out) for the past four years. I have finished five novels. I have zero novels published. I also have a bunch of short stories, personal essays, sketches, listicles, and other things, enough to publish a self-indulgent sort of collection of unpublished works. 

Fast forward to last week and I’m reading this book on overcoming procrastination (It’s called Eat That Frog, check it out) and Brian Tracy talks about setting a goal that can be accomplished over the course of a year and how you forego practically everything else in favor of that goal.

I’d love to sing at your retirement party, but I have a year-long goal, yo.

That sort of thing.

Well, you two, I have a goal.

Between now and September 1, 2019, I will edit and publish my seven (7) books. I have a good friend who’s helping me with the editing. I’ll make the changes, design a cover, self-publish them.1

Through the course of this journey/goal, I will no doubt rely on the assistance of maybe both of you. I hope you’re up for the challenge. I may add your names to the “Acknowledgements” section of one of the books. There will be room. And there will be seven (7) books.

Stay tuned!

  1. I’m using CreateSpace to publish. If either of you knows of a more equitable platform, please let me know.

2 responses to “If You Want Something Done”

  1. Ridley Kemp says:

    To the exceptionally limited extent that I am able, I’ll be happy to assist in any way I can. If I’m not following my dream, might as well help out them that are.

    • admin says:

      You have been enlisted. You may be asked to re-read something, but you can always say no.

      Then you can go follow your dream.

  2. Mixhaino says:
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