Hire me

Yes. I like to write. But did you know I write good? What's more, I write funny good. It's true! In fact, I write funny so good if you're looking for someone to punch up your content, I can do.

"But, Jim," you say out loud much to the concern of those around you in the Starbucks where you're reading this. "Have you ever done it before? For money even?"

The answer is "yes" and here's some proof. Enjoy! Then fill out the form below if you'd like to talk more about how I can help you with your communications.

I even wrote a national TV spot for a company called WARHEADS who make incredibly sour candy for the kids. It's candy so sour, people have to be challenged to eat it. Uncanny.

One doesn't generally equate "essential oils" with "haha," but I did. I'm weird that way. Here's a video promoting one of Oilogic's baby products. Smells funny. Get it?

Remember "Deflategate"? I do. I wrote the script for an aspiring video about it. Good times! Go football!


My friends at Twist & Shout produce training videos that are (get this) educational and funny. They asked me to write and perform some support material, which I gladly did, to counter their need to be funny. Behold.


Now that you've been dazzled by my facility with words (including nouns, verbs, and so on), let's get to work, shall we? Fill out the form and I'll respond fairly quickly and I promise I won't sell your info to some Russian spam operation. Ever.