I have a host of ailments and maladies, but here I just focus on the one.

This is all about diabetes and my minor case of it. For real though, I’m a comedy writer. If you like the wit and humor you find on this microsite, check out the rest of my work on Kuenzer.com. This WordPress template came with this button, so if you feel like sending comedy writing work my way (and money, too), then click this button I got for free.

This is me. If it looks like I’m irritable and uncomfortable, it is because I am. Because I have diabetes. When I have kicked this thing to the curb, I will change this image to something delightful. You’ll love it. (Photo by Cameron Cobb.)

Look here. At some point, I’m going to lose a lot of weight. My goal is to get down to my birth weight. Even if I don’t reach it, I’m going to need some new clothes. Here then is the color palette you’ll need to pick from. Generally, this is known as the “menswear neutral” palette. But let’s call it Sassy Jim from now on, shall we? O.K. We shall.

This is my color palette. It’s quite a treat.