The Sixth Time is the Charm

I did it. For the fifth year in a row, I was able to write a story from start to finish in 30 days.

30 days.

It stinks. It's not a very good story right now. But, as the good Dr. Nelsen used to say, "Writing is in the rewriting."

Which leads me to my next thing, which is, "Who has time to rewrite?"

Well, I'm going to have to, you know?

Which leads me to still one more thing, which is, "I have to quit everything."

Yes, dear reader (both of you), I think it's time to streamline, to reduce the number of activities I'm involved with, the amount of stuff I volunteer for and focus on writing. Have I talked about this before? I think I might have...

Anyway, I started reading a book about productivity and living life to the fullest, and so on. The sort of book written by someone who owns a lot of sweaters. And this writer suggested making a major goal and sticking to it to completion. Like, don't do anything else, don't pass go, don't collect $200, well, no, do collect $200 because money is money, just keep going and working until you finish.

So, when I was reading this book, I made a goal to publish all of the books I had written up to that point. And, at the time, I was about to start a short story challenge, I had the first five novels written, plus I was confident I had enough crap lying around on old hard drives and disks (so you know they're really old) that I could cobble together what would have amounted to a "rarities and b-sides" collection of stuff. Add the one I was confident I would finish in November (which I did, go figure) and I thought I had seven books I could publish. Not bad!

But then life got in the way. I took on some jobs that sounded fun at first but turned out not to be so much fun. I just didn't focus like I could or should have or whatever and here we are, six months in, and I have no books published.

Which is why I'm thinking of taking a long hiatus from everything that doesn't relate to writing. Which would mostly be performing. But, yeah, you wouldn't be seeing much of me, though you would probably be hearing a lot since I would spend much more time hammering away at this keyboard.

So that's where I am. Though you might like to get an update. Another update. Let's make this a status. That sounds better.


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